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   "This is a tuff question, and one that many photography studios are faced with, especially in these economic times.  I can only explain by starting with an old saying..........'you get what you pay for'.  That can never be more true than in photography.  Anyone with a nice camera can 'play the role', but only professionals live for the moment.  They understand that they DO NOT get a second chance to capture that 'perfect photo'.  With the on-set of 'digital photography', it has taken photography to the next level.  BUT...I also believe it has 'created an era' that has everyone with a nice camera, believing they are a photographer.      Are they?   Do they spend every minute of every day trying to tap their creactivity?  Do they spend their life thinking about creating great poses, proper lighting, different angles, exposure times, correct framing, color vs B/W, styles or posture...... and oh yeah, how about purchasing and learning to operate all the needed equipment to get that 'perfect shot'.   Please remember this, if you hire a 'part-time' photographer, don't expect 'full-time' results.  When it really, really matters, HIRE THE EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL".

                       ......Doug Cunningham...Photographer/Co-Owner of Kerigan Studios.  

I have worked a number of different jobs as a professional photographer, including 12-years as a photojournalist for local Daily newspapers in South East South Dakota back.  I worked my first official "wedding job" in 1984 and from that point, have been hooked.  Over the years I have developed a very good rapour with the bride and grooms.  I have learned to shoot photos that are, not only professional, but represent the bride and/or groom as a person and who they want to be as a couple". 

                     ..........Doug Cunningham...Photographer/Co-Owner of Kerigan Studios.

                                                       HERE'S A LITTLE ABOUT DOUG....

        • I am married to a my soul mate.  She is everything to me and far more than I deserve

        • I have been blessed with FOUR daughters, and would not trade them for the world, I have learned to live with a variety of drama.  I am a Libra, so keeping the  'balance’ in my world we interesting during the 'teen-age' years.

        • I believe my dad was my biggest influence on my life.  He was my biggest fan and my personal ‘guiding light’.  He blanketed his entire family with unconditional love, creating a bond above any material possession. EVERYTHING I am and have obtained in life is because of this. 
        My dad ignited the path to all my dreams when he talked mom into spending their money on my first camera.... a Pentax K1000.  I proved the purchase to be 'the right one' very quickly.  Thanks Dad! 
        • I have held many jobs in my life, includeing time during my college days, as a short order cook and maintenance man.  The most influential jobs have been my years in the media:  10-years plus as a photojournalist at various daily newspapers and most of my adult life (until recently) as a morning ‘news’ announcer on the radio.

        • Aside from my wife of over 25 years and my adult children, my older brother and younger sister have proven to be my best friends throughout the years.

        • I believe anything is possible and nothing is too good to be true

        • My favorite place on earth is my dad’s workshop.

        • I can't stand getting stuff for free because I know it will probably cost somebody, something in the end.

        • I LIVE to take photos of anything.
Call Kerigan Studios anytime 605-990-2583.  We would be honored to answer your photography questions, or let you browse through our numerous collections of photos over the past 25 years.  We am honored that you would even consider Kerigan Studios and our abilities for your photography needs.  We would enjoy the opportunity to visit with you, while listening to your hopes, dreams and plans of the 'perfect photo'. 
About the Owners:
   Believe it or not, we developed "Kerigan Studios" without knowing what we had done.  We started by taking friends, family and co-workers' wedding photos back in the early 1980's and a few "paying" customers started to request our services and without knowing it,  we had started a company.   My wife and I have have been married for nearly 27 years, and have four children, ALL GIRLS.   When it came time to "name" the business, we wanted to somehow relate it to our children. (Maegan, Keri, Haley and Abbie) The result, "Kerigan Studios".   
    My wife is my partner and best friend. She is also my biggest crittic, and I would NOT want it any other way. Without her, Kerigan Studio's would not be what it is today. Here's a little know fact, it was her encouragement that prompted me to take my FIRST "paying" job way back in 1984.  She essentually un-leashed my creativity. A big THANK YOU to her.



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