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Are you tracing the family tree and have a pile of old photos that need help? Restoration Package deals are available.  Call for more details 605.990.2583. 
Let Kerigan Studios bring your old photos back to life. 
   Our graphic artists can repair tears, discolorization, wrinkles, water-marks or folded prints.
    When complete, you receive your original photo as well as a print of the new "re-touched" photo AND all copyrights.  
     Call today and let us help bring your history back to life.  
Or better yet, e-mail your photos to for a FREE evaluation.  
    We charge a flat rate  per picture to restore old photographs.
    Large families and many of the Historical Society groups may be eligible for quantity discounts.  
    Call today for more information, 605.990.2583 

   This is a photo of a Swedish Sea Captain, taken in 1903. 
  It's OVER 100 years old and once again looks new. 
     We were asked to restore the photo as it's part of a large family history display.   
    Once complete, the photo was printed on special paper to re-create the "old" look and is now preserved and recently reframed in its original frame and is on display.  

    Let us help bring your history to life.



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